“Thou weigh'st thy words before thou givest them breath:" Othello Final Exam

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SWBAT analyze tone, dichotomy, and characterization in Othello by responding aloud with peers and in writing to prompts with evidence from the text.

Big Idea

Let heaven and men and devils, let them all, All, all, cry shame against me, yet I'll speak.” Students collaborate on their final stance on Othello.

Introduction to Othello Final

“If after every tempest come such calms"...Four questions on Othello

47 minutes

As the students arrive, I tell them to sit in their play discussion groups.  I already have the final for  Othello on the tables.  I remind them that they can use their books, journals, and discuss the questions and answers with their group (SL 9-10 .1). However each student must answer each question in their own words using evidence from the text to support their response (RL 9-10. 1). The goal is for them to write a thoughtful response to the prompt.  The capacity to discuss ideas leads to an the individual student developing a stronger essay.  If a student wants to reference when Othello blacked out but can't remember where it is in the text, asking a groupmate is better than leaving it out or wasting 10 minutes looking for it.  Also by asking the question, someone else may suggested something better or additional support. I believe that writing doesn't happen in isolation.  Each student has their own voice, but collaboration and feedback help with students learning how to engage an audience. 

The first two questions deal with dichotomy, specifically the diabolical vs the divine.  The third question is on characterization, it asks who is the greater sinner Othello or Iago (RL 9-10. 3).  Since they have to choose between Othello and Iago, the response is argumentative. They have to make a claim and defend it using evidence from the play (W 9-10 1). The final question requires them to read a conversation between Othello and Emilia. They have to explain how the tone changes over the course of the scene (RL 9-10 4).

Wrap Up: Have a great break

3 minutes

As the clock winds down, I tell them to finish up. They can stack the books on the front table and put their final in the top tray. Have a great holiday break!