Show Your Stuff - Day 2 of 2

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SWBAT will demonstrate understanding of building functions by successfully presenting a content-based project.

Big Idea

Let your students show how well they understand building and transforming functions by presenting a study guide they've created.


30 minutes

This is day two of a project-based assessment so the Study Guide Rubric is included again today.  As promised in the day 1 lesson I allow students the first thirty minutes of this class to complete their study guide and prepare to present it to the class.  I remind them that they need to meet all of the criteria in the study guide rubric in order to earn full credit for this assessment and that each student needs to actively participate in the presentation. (MP2, MP3, MP6) While they're working I walk around giving encouragement and redirection as needed.  For students who are behind in creating their study guide, for good reasons such as because they're trying to be particularly original I might help move the process along by asking "What do you need to put in your guide and what can you simplify?"  For a team that's just running out of time because of poor time management I might make sure they are successful by asking "How many more components do you need to complete in the time remaining?" and then add "So how many minutes do you have for each component?" to help them focus.


15 minutes

I begin the presentation part of this assessment after 30 minutes or when all teams are ready, whichever comes first.  Before beginning presentations I remind my students that they each need to participate in their team presentation and that they need to be prepared for questions and comments during their presentation.  I distribute the critique rubric and give them a moment to look it over, then ask if there are any questions.  After addressing questions/concerns I randomly select a team to begin the presentations. (MP3) While teams present I sit in the back of the room scoring both the presentation and those students who are actively critiquing.  When each team finishes their presentation I randomly select another team until all have presented at which time I give each team their presentation scoresheet.

Wrap It Up

5 minutes

To close out this unit I give each student a notecard and ask them to write a 10-word text about what they've just presented. (MP6) This helps them focus on the most important information in the unit and gives me a quick look at what they thought was important as compared to what I thought was important.  I like this because sometimes I feel like I'm spending too much time on a relatively simple concept or skill but when I check with my students it turns out that they really valued the time spent and feel much more confident about their understanding of that concept.