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SWBAT represent an amount of money using coins. SWBAT record an amount of money with the $ or ¢ sign.

Big Idea

Continuing this unit's focus on money, today's lesson will have the students representing set amounts with coins.

Warm Up

10 minutes

Advanced Preparation:  Each student will need a whiteboard, marker, and an eraser.

I have the students sit in a circle with their whiteboard materials. 

"I am going to write some coins on the board (see Warm Up), I would like you to add/count them up in your head and then write the amount on your whiteboard.  I want you to keep your answer covered until I ask you to show me the answer."

I then have everyone show me their answer and check for accuracy and have a student come up and count the coins out loud.

I repeat this with a few more amounts.

Introducing Show Me

15 minutes

Advanced Preparation:  You will need to make enough copies of the Show Me recording sheet.  

"One of the station time activities today will be this Show Me sheet.  You will need to look at the amount in each box and then draw coins to represent each amount.  Remember to represent each coin, you write the first letter of the coin and then draw a circle around it."

"Let's do the first one together.  What is one way that I could represent 12¢?"

I then fill in one of the solutions on the 12¢ box.

In this activity, students are representing values with symbols for coins, which is an example of students representing their thinking abstractly with mathematics (CCSS.MATH.PRACTICE.MP4). 

Station Time

40 minutes

The students have two choices for station time today.  However, they must get to both of them during the allotted time.  

1.  Show Me:  This game was just introduced in the previous section of this lesson.  The recording sheet was also located in the previous section.  I have also included a sheet titled Show Me Blank. This will allow you to create new amounts for students to try other rounds of this activity.  It will also allow you to adapt it for each student's need.

2.  The Trading Game:  This activity was introduced in a previous lesson.  This is an activity that I will continue to offer throughout the unit because it asks the students to collect coins, trade them, count them and record an amount using a standard notation (CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.2.MD.C.8).  For some students, the Coin Exchange Recording Sheet will be to challenging for them to use.  I will ask these students to  use a whiteboard to record their total (after each round).  I have included a video,  Recording With Dollar Sign, that models the use of the whiteboard.

Continued Practice

5 minutes

I will ask the students to meet me on the carpet and hand out their sheet for today's Mad Minute exercise.  This routine was introduced in a previous lesson.  Please check out the link to get a full overview of this routine.

I want to really focus on fact fluency and build upon the students ability to solve within ten fluently (CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.1.OA.C.6).  I am going to use the Mad Minute Routine.  This is a very "old school" routine, but I truly feel students need practice in performing task for fluency in a timed fashion.  Students need to obtain fact fluency in order to have success with multiplicative reasoning.  Students who don't gain this addition fact fluency by the end of 2nd grade tend to struggle with the multiplicative reasoning in third.  Having this fluency also allows them to work on more complex tasks because the have the fact recall to focus on the higher level concepts.