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SWBAT cite specific evidence from text of A Raisin in the Sun by writing text dependent answers which analyze characters and how they advance the play's themes by using

Big Idea

Online teacher designed summative assessment = instant feedback and tech-based task.


10 minutes


Because characters are the most important aspects of any piece of literature and they drive the story and its plot, I want them to retrieve their background knowledge of the relationships between the play's plot, characters and symbols which will also be included in the summative assessment. Students to write in their journals: 3 things you know about plot, 2 things you know about symbols, and 1 question you still have about the play.  I want my students to activate their prior knowledge and address any questions they may have before tasking the summative test.

I circulate among students while they complete the Activator.  


Building Knowledge

10 minutes

We begin by reviewing the Resolution to the play by viewing the last 6 minutes of the video


I then ask students to take out their answers to the Resolution question from the previous lesson.  I facilitate a group discussion of the resolution and Walter's decision to not take Mr. Linder's money and therefore evolving as a dynamic character in his values and beliefs RL.9-10.3.  I expect ot hear that Walter's character changed or evolved throughout the play from one that was young and determined to make money at hre expense of the families needs to a young man who sacrificed for the greater good of the whole family. 

We discuss why Walter felt the need to tell Mr. Lindner that the Youngers are proud and hardworking and how this led to Mr. Lindner leaving with his papers unsigned.

After this discussion students spend a short time updating the information in their learning packet: symbols, figurative language, character analysis, the plot diagram and central themes of the play.  The vocabulary words included words that they were unsure of their definitions while reading the text.

Student Learning Activity

45 minutes

I first review the use of the lap tops and write the login information for which includes the class number and test name. As students log into the web site I circulate answering any questions. When they are all logged on with the correct class number, students begin taking the summative assessment for A Raisin in the Sun.  The text dependent questions as required in standard RL.9-10.1, RL.9-10.2RL.9-10.3, are a combination of multiple choice and written (typed) responses which are supported by textual evidence W.9-10.9.  The diversity of convergent and divergent type questions increase the rigor necessary to bring out the higher level thinking of my students.  I designed this assessment by beginning with basic understanding and comprehension questions such as, How does Mama want to spend the money? so students can feel confident in their ability to do well on this assessment. I gradually incorporate higher order questions such as, Think about the title A Raisin in the Sun. How does it relate to the dreams of each of the characters?

As students engage in taking the online test, I circulate among them checking for understanding and keeping them on task.  You can see from the video the increased engagement of my students when taking the assessment using computer assisted instruction versus pencil and paper tests.  I now integrate both types of test because they will be having to take high stakes assessments using both the computer and pencil and paper.


Wrap Up

10 minutes

Ticket to Leave:

To begin the final "inspection" of learning and mastery, students view the correct answers to the test as I project them on the screen.  We discuss any answers that the majority of the students were either confused about or did not get correct.