I Know Shapes: Reviewing Plane Shapes

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Students will be able to identify plane shapes and their characteristics.

Big Idea

The students have been introduced to all the plane shapes. Now it's time to have some fun!


10 minutes

For this portion of the lesson, I use my SMART Board.  If you have a SMART Board, the file Plane Shape Review can easily be downloaded and opened.  If you have a different type of interactive whiteboard, you can still use this lesson by opening the file in Smart Notebook Express.  There is also a PDF of the slides so you can recreate this part of the lesson.  

I gather my students in front of the SMART Board.  I have cards with each student's name printed on.  These cards are used for selecting who will come up to the SMART Board.

I open the first slide (SMART Board Slide 1) with the lesson objective written in "student friendly" terms.  There is a content objective and a language objective to help focus on vocabulary expansion for my English Learners (ELs) to be congruent with SIOP instructional techniques  I read these objectives aloud for my students.

Content Objective
I can identify plane shapes.

Language Objective
I can tell a friend the names of different shapes.

We progress then progress through the rest of the slides. 

Slide 2: Can you find the triangle?  Tap on the correct shape.  A student is invited to come up to the Smartboard and tap on the shape. 

Slide 3-7:  Continue as above. 

Slide 8: What shape is this?  I tell the students to keep the answer to themselves  I count to three and have the students say the answer aloud.  This way everyone gets a chance to answer.  

Slide 9-13:  Continue as above. 

Slide 14:  This is our Turn and Talk Time.  This part of the lesson focuses on vocabulary expansion for all my learners, especially my EL students.    I have the students hold hands in the air with their designated Turn and Talk partner.  I then ask them the question, What shapes do you see in this picture?  I give the students time to discuss the shapes.  I can see them pointing to the different shapes as they are naming them.  When they are done discussing, I call on different students to share the answer.  I restate their answer in the form of a sentence, including the name of the flower part.  For example, The petals are ovals.

After we have discussed all the shapes in the picture, we return to our seats for our activity.  

Review Activity

15 minutes

For this activity you will need the Grab a Plane Shape game included with this lesson.  I use one set of the game for each table group of 5-6 students.  I print the game with a colored printer and laminate the game for durability before cutting them apart.  I assemble the game cube with clear tape.

I tell the students, We are going to play a game called, Grab A Shape.  For this game, you need to spread the game cards over your table.  Then you roll the die and then say the name of the shape you rolled.  For example (roll die), I rolled an oval.  I look for something that is shaped like an oval.  I take that card and keep it.   I pass the die to the next person, they roll and then find a card that matches that shape.  Continue going around the circle.  If you roll the die and there are no cards left that matched the shape you rolled, you need to say pass.  Whoever has the most cards when all the cards are gone is the winner.

The students begin playing the game.  See video.  I reinforce saying the name of the shape. We play a few rounds.  The students enjoy the game so much that they ask if they can play it during choice time.