Chant, Chant, Chant

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SWBAT write a chant poem by having lines that repeat, lines that change and adding a title.

Big Idea

Have fun writing a chant poem!


15 minutes

This awesome lesson was written and taught by Anna, teacher candidate extraordinaire!

Start by bringing the students to the rug in their just right spots.  Say, "Today students you will learn to write a chant poem.  A chant poem is a poem that has repeating and changing lines.


First, I will share a chant poem I wrote with my friends.  Then we will write one together. Lastly, you will generate ideas, draft and and revise your own Chant Poem.  At the end of our session you will share your poem."

Post chart of mentor poem 


and  read it to students.  Say, "Turn and compare ideas with your partner about what is going on in this kind of poem."  Listen in.  Repeat and add on to what you hear the students say.  "I heard students say they noticed that every other line repeats and is written in one color and every other line is a different line.  Also, all the lines are about the topic."

"That's right.  Now turn and talk to your partner and come up with some topics we can use to write a class chant poem about."  Call on a student to share three or four student ideas.  List the ideas suggested.  Take a vote on which topic students want to write a chant poem about.

Then with the class construct a chant poem. You will go through the writing process of generating ideas, drafting and revising.

Have class read the poem together.

The next part of the mini-lesson is to teach the revising process.  Ask students to look at lines 2, 4, 6, and 8 and think of a way to revise them to make them better.  Call on volunteers to make suggestions.  Add revisions in a different color.

Reread chant poem with revisions.

Next, pass out A-Z Taxonomy.  Have students generate topics for all or some of the letters.  Next have them circle the one topic they are going to write a chant poem about.  Share with partners their topic.

Show Chant Poem Framework under the document camera.  Say, "Today to help you write a chant poem with repeating and changing lines you will use this framework.  You will write your first line on line one.  This will be your repeating line.  Then on the next line you will write a different line to say more about your topic.  You will continue until  you have a 9 line poem.

Any questions?"  Release students to go back to their desks to work independently.

Independent Writing

30 minutes

Once students are seated, I will have them stick a small post-it to the top of their Chant Poem Framework and demonstrate with doc camera how to make a informal rubric.  Write ideas, repeating, changing, and revisions in a list with a box to the left of each word.  Tell them that after they are finished they will use this rubric to make sure they have met the requirements of the task.

 As students are working circulate to see that they have selected a topic, have a repeating line and changing lines.

After about 15 minutes have passed, do a mid-work shop interruption.  Say, "Students, you will need to reread your Chant Poem and make revisions to your work to make your poem better.  Read the lines and listen to how they sound.  Make changes with a colored pencil.  Remember how we revised our Zombies Chant Poem- Write your revisions on your papers.

Share Out

10 minutes

The share out of poems happened spontaneously during the independent writing section of the lesson.  I captured students' excitement and joy while they were writing.  They were eager to share their chant poems together as a table group or with their desk partners.

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Yummy, Yummy!

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