Recognizing How Time Relates to Change

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SWBAT: visualize the concepts of time and change as a way to think more deeply about author's purpose.

Big Idea

In this lesson, adapted from SpringBoard, students will watch clips from Big and Back to the Future to see how time and change are related.

Guiding Question

5 minutes

This was an interesting Guiding Question about how you read a movie. It isn't very often that I ask student to view clips from movies, and use them in the same way I would a written text. But, I wanted them to, in a sense, set a purpose for our "watching."

Here's what they said:


50 minutes

This lesson was adapted from our SpringBoard text. The students first watch the first 19 minutes from the movie, Big. The "Big" clip will be played as the students look for how Josh changes over time (our theme for this unit). They will fill out the Graphic Organizer and note what 12-year-old Josh is like, and what "Changed" Josh is like.

Next, students will watch two clips from Back to the Future. The first clip is when Marty is in 1985, and students are asked to write down artifacts from this time period (see Back to the Future, Clip One (1985). Examples are: electric can food opener, skate board, electronic wrist watch, headphones.

Next, they watch the clip from the 1955 portion of Back to the Future (see Back to the Future, Clip Two (1955). They are also jotting down artifacts, like songs, cars, and a jukebox.

Lastly, I wanted to see if they saw a patterns; how have these artifacts changed over time?