Showin' What We Know: Unit Review (Day 1)

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Students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of numbers 0-20 and beyond.

Big Idea

It's time to find out how much the students have learned about numbers with this fun review lesson!

Review Activity 1

15 minutes

This lesson consists of two review activities to help prepare students for the unit assessment.  I focus on the skills that the students found the most challenging during my instruction.  This lesson could be combined with Review Day 2 if you would like.  Instead of running two review activities each day day, you could divide your class into four groups and run four different activities each day, completing two the first day and two the second day.

For this activity you will need Springtime Tally Marks Write the Room Review.  I print the cards on a color printer and laminate them for durability.  I post the cards around the room and make enough copies of the recording sheet for the class. 

I divide the class in half and I then partner them up.  I pair up students who might struggle a bit with students whose skills are further developed. 

I explain to the class, You will be going on a tally mark hunt.  Hidden around the room are cards with tally marks on them.  Count the tally marks to determine what number it shows.  Find the letter on the card and write your answer next to that letter on the recording sheet.  Please work with your partner and make sure that if either of you have trouble counting the tallies that you work together to come up with the answer. 

The students begin their hunt for the cards and start counting.  I observe them as they are working to see if any students need assistance.  I check their work and if there is a mistake I send the partner back to check the card again. 

Review Activity 2

15 minutes

For the second review activity, you will need the Flower Power Least to Greatest.  I print the flowers on a colored printer, laminate and cut out.  I print enough sets so there is one for every two students. 

I partner the students up.  Again, I try to partner students who are struggling with this skill with a student who does not struggle.  I explain to the students, You are going to sort the different types of flowers into groups.  After you have sorted them out, you need to arrange each group so the flowers are in order from least to greatest.  After you have them all sorted out, I will come and check your work.  You will then record your answers on the recording sheet.  Write the numbers on the sheet next to the matching flower. 

The students working and I circulate around them to observe their work.  I correct any mistakes that I observe.  I check the students work before they complete the recording sheet.  This can avoid a lot of erasing in case the students have the flowers arranged from right to left.  When they are done, they put the recording sheet in their mailboxes and clean up the flowers.