Smart Phone Literature Project Day Two

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SWBAT articulate connections among literary works and modern culture through writing, imagemaking, and discussion.

Big Idea

"Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se." ---Charles Eames

Lesson Overview and Note to Teachers

My classes are held in 100-minute sessions every other day.  Activities take about 80 minutes of four class sessions to complete. 

The lesson below outlines Day Two of activities.  Students continue working on a project in which they design two Smart Phone desktops (Assignment: SmartPhone Literature Project) to find and articulate connections among major literary works we have studied, and between literature and contemporary culture.  Please take a look at student work and the narration video for the Beowulf Smart Phone desktop.

Please refer back to Day One if you have questions about the assignment.  

Small-Group Collaboration: Smart Phone Literature Project

80 minutes

Today students get back into their groups to continue working on their two Smart Phone desktops. Groups are required to create one desktop on a chosen character from Macbeth and one desktop on a chosen character from another major literary work we have read this year, such as Beowulf, the Iliad, or The Canterbury Tales

One group creates a project on Beowulf (Student Work: Beowulf Smart Phone Project).  Please view the video narration (Narration: Beowulf Smart Phone Desktop) in this section.

Groups will finish their desktops next class, Day Three, and present their work on Day Four.