Working with Numbers 11-20 Assessment

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Students will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of numbers 11-20.

Big Idea

The students have worked hard to build their knowledge of numbers 11-20. Now it's time to see what they have learned.

Individual Assessment

10 minutes

I like to do a quick individual assessment on my students to determine mastery of some of the standards.  I would prefer the entire assessment be individual, but I find it difficult to find that kind of time in my schedule.  The following are assessments I do individually or with a small group of students who cannot see each others' work.

Writing Numerals 0-20:  For this assessment, you will need the Write Numbers 0-20 assessment sheet included with this lesson.   The blank page is for the students.  The students write the numbers in the boxes as they are read.  (The second page of the file gives the order in which the numbers are read.  Read the numbers across each row.  If you note, they are in order going up and down each column for ease of recording.  My students have never caught that the numbers are in order.  It is important not to read the numbers in order.  Some students have the numerals memorized in relationship to the numerals before and after it and do not know the numeral when asked individually.)

Counting Objects:  I give the students a group of objects and I ask the students to count out 20 objects from the group.  I watch to make sure they count accurately and have one to one correspondence. 

Rote Counting:  Students are asked to rote count to 20.

Group Assessment

20 minutes

For this assessment, you will need a copy of the  Assessment-Working With Numbers 11-20  included as a PDF.  After I compete the individual assessments, I use this group assessment.  Although I prefer to use individual assessments whenever possible, I do not have the assistance in my classroom this year to assess every child individually for each standard.  This group assessment makes it more manageable to collect data on my students 

I have the students take their "testing positions" in the classroom.  They each have an assigned assessment spot that keeps them from looking at their neighbor's paper.  I read each question aloud for the students and circulate around the room.  I take notes on which students may need to have a separate assessment on certain standards based on their responses.  Upon completion of the test, the students turn in their tests.

Summarize Data

5 minutes

After the students have completed the individual and group assessments, I complete the Assessment Summary Sheet for each student.  I record the results of the individual assessments and the group assessments in the corresponding sections on the sheet.  This sheet allows me to see what students need more work in mastering concepts and it also gives me a good foundation for discussion with parents in regards to their child's progress in math.