Google Docs: The vehicle to take writing to a new level

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SWBAT synthesize multiple pieces of information in an informative text conveying information clearly by "reading" multiple videos and organizing the concepts in the videos in a graphic organizer.

Big Idea

Can Google Docs and other multi-media tools take reading and writing to the next level?

Unit Overview: Using GoogleDocs

Mini Lesson---Guided Instruction

15 minutes

We are having class in the media center today.  It is one of the many reasons I anticipate today being a challenge.  The media center has a computer lab shaped in a horseshoe and that's where class is being held.  I wanted the horseshoe lab so that I can sit in the middle and still see each computer.  In my district, each student has an individual email address that is tied to google.  We begin class by reminding students what this email address is, how to log in, how to put the email on their smartphone, etc.

Next, I'm going to introduce them to google docs by having them click on their DRIVE and create a classroom folder that is shared with me.  I will email a link to the Folder and spreadsheet video which describes how to do this.  

Then, I want students to create a spreadsheet where they will clearly convey information from the videos with effective organization in the spreadsheet (W.9-10.2). The watch the Taking notes in spreadsheet video and follow the directions. I created these videos so they have an opportunity to practice participating effectively in a wide range of discussions (SL.9-10.1) that are beyond the normal verbal, teacher to student delivery.   

Following this multi-step procedure will be difficult for some kids.  However, my visual learners will really benefit from the videos.  

Student Work Time

30 minutes

I will say to students:

Now that you've created a folder and a spreadsheet document, I want you to watch six videos on this webpage. While you're exploring those videos, I want you to listen to the videos just like you would read an article that describes the same subjects.  While you are "reading" the videos, I want you to take notes which organize the ideas in the videos using a graphic (spreadsheet) (W.9-10.2). Your notes are pieces of text evidence that support what the video explicitly says (RI.9-10.1)  Make sure you are using the graphic to keep your information organized.   


Students will have about 30 minutes to explore the website which is a YouTube channel devoted exclusively to all things Google Doc. The videos are short and entertaining and will help explain Google to students.  I will walk around and assist students who are struggling.



3 minutes

With just a few moments left, I will explain to students that the great thing about google docs is their work is instantly saved.  There is no reason to carry a flashdrive or have excuses about a computer not working or a printer out of ink.  Students will understand that if their spreadsheet isn't finished, they can access their google doc from anywhere and finish it on their own.