Dystopian Elements in Our World (Day 2 of 3) + Book Club Three Preparations

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SWBAT analyze the representation of a subject in two different artistic mediums taking note of what is emphasized or absent in each by comparing a modern dystopian film to their choice novels. SWBAT draw evidence from literary text to support analysis and reflection by completing individual tasks to prepare for group discussions.

Big Idea

A little bit of work time + a little bit of viewing/analysis = fantastic immersion in dystopian subject matter

Book Club Meeting Three Preparation

20 minutes

Similar to the past few prep days, I will give students a short amount of time to work on preparing their new roles for their book club meetings tomorrow. At this point, students will be working on their third role of the four they must complete. As always, I will ask them to focus on the skill of drawing evidence from their texts to support their analysis and reflections (W.9-10.9)

The roles are as follows: 

  • Team Leader: Guides discussions by creating prompting questions based on three significant quotes/passages from assigned reading (SL.9-10.1c). 
  • Allusionator: Find three quotes/passages that represent allusions to history, art, literature, etc and provides analysis for each. (L.9-10.5)
  • Style Monster: Finds three quotes/passages that represent stylistic elements (plot structure, figurative language, etc.) and analyzes how these choices impact the book. (RL.9-10.4 and L.9-10.3)
  • Character Stalker: Finds three quotes/passages that represent character development and analyzes how characters interact with each other and with the plot (RL.9-10.3).
  • Minister of Propaganda: Finds three quotes/passages that represent the mind-control/rhetorical strategies employed within the novel and creates an artistic representation of their analysis. (RI.9-10.6)


Film Review/Viewing

30 minutes

We will continue our viewing of The Island today. I am hoping to get through about 20 more minutes so that we are in a good position to finish the whole movie by the end of the week. 

Before we dive back into the movie, I will ask students to offer any observations about what we have already seen and to make connections to their books and/or the dystopian elements we have been discussing. I will specifically ask them to share their thoughts on what seems to be the emphasis of the movie in regards to dystopian ideas and ask them to think about why the filmmakers are choosing to focus in on these things (RL.9-10.7). I will ask for at least three volunteers to share their observations out loud (SL.9-10.1). 

While they watch the movie, I will ask students to continue to fill in their dystopian elements chartThese charts, which I will collect after the movie is over, will serve as the basis for an informal seminar about dystopian fiction after spring break. 

Wrap Up and Next Steps

5 minutes

I will stop the movie a few minutes before class ends to allow students to get their notes written down completely and to see if there are any questions. I will remind students to have their roles prepared for tomorrow's book club meetings.