Ozone Simplified

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SWBAT identify the author's point and the reasons that support it.

Big Idea

Deepen students content knowledge and begin teaching them to learn from reading.


10 minutes

Common Core Connection

This standard falls under "Integration of Knowledge and Ideas," which means we are laying the foundation for students to learn from reading.  In the past the primary students are just learning to read, but now we must teach them to learn from reading. To start them on a path towards doing this, in this lesson the students will work in the guided practice and partner work to determine the author's point and locate the reasons that the author gives in the text for these reasons. Check out my video on how I select and scaffold text.

Lesson Overview

This is the fourth lesson in a series of five lessons related to the environment. The last lesson led into ozone depletion in the partner work. I decided to stay with this topic for the last two lessons, because I am really wanting to develop some content knowledge too. This topic is very unfamiliar to my class, so by sticking with it a while they broaden their awareness of the environment and learn about the author's point. But, keeping the topic same also helps scaffold the author's point. It's pretty similar in most text regarding the ozone. The big difference is the author's reasons to support their point.

The two text I selected are Ozone for Kids and Ozone Hole. Using text that are on similar subjects really deepens the learner's knowledge in the content area. This ups the complexity of the lesson and really aids in comprehension of a very complex idea.

My students work in small collaborative groups throughout the lesson (Peanut Butter Jelly Partner) and transition about every twenty minutes (Transitions).

Introductory Activity

I project the image from the Ozone for Kids website where the sun has the rays extending from it on the Smart Board. I ask my students to discuss the point of other author's on the ozone. I am just trying to scaffold the author's point and connect it to previous learning.

Then I share the lesson plan so my students know what to expect. Last we chant the lesson goal to reiterate what I want the students to learn. We chant, "I can identify the author's point and reasons that support it."

Guided Practice

20 minutes

Student Reflection

5 minutes

Here is a video that explains how I teach this part of the lesson: Student Reflection.

You also might want to check out this video on the peer evaluation part of this section: Peer Evaluation.


5 minutes