Unit 4 Exam

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SWBAT demonstrate mastery on the Unit 4 learning targets.

Big Idea

Learning targets open up our options on a unit exam, and it's important to see a multiple-choice test as an opportunity to build student literacy.

The Unit 4 Exam

42 minutes

Please check out my narrative video for an outline of my thinking and my process for creating and assessing today's exam.  Here are some key points and practical matters:

  • Creating the Exam: I use the free features on Problem Attic to create an exam.  At that site, you can peruse released exam items from dozens of state tests.  There's also a paid Common Core version of the site, but I've yet to check it out.  I choose approximately 60 - double the number of questions I need - problems that look like they're fair and applicable to the learning targets, then I revise the exam to balance the number of problems that will assess each SLT.  I try to use a few problems that address multiple SLTs, and, because I'm not grading on % correct, I can throw a few devilishly hard problems, just to give kids exposure and see how they do.
  • Giving the Exam: Nothing special here, and I'm sure you have your own exam procedures.  Students arrive to class, I distribute the exam, and they go for it.  
  • Grading the Exam: As I describe in the video narrative, I grade the exam on each individual SLT.  Here's an example of the item analysis.