Non-Fiction - Cyberbullying

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SWBAT read this informational article and apply reading strategies leaned throughout the year.

Big Idea

Reading Strategies to be used with informational text.


10 minutes

I began the class by having students respond to the prompt: List as many non-fiction reading strategies as possible.

Students wrote a response to this because we have reviewed these strategies numerous times, and I wanted to check for understanding.

Guided Practice Reading Non-Fiction

80 minutes

This worksheet style has been used for numerous reading assignments throughout the year.  However, I  reviewed the expectations of each section before students began reading "More Teens Talking to Their Parents About Being Cyber-bullied" independently.

Before Reading:  Students take time to preview the article, using the strategies listed.  Then they create three questions that they have about the article based upon the previewing.

 During Reading: Students independently read the article and take notes in the boxes which they will use to write a summary.

 Answer the following questions: Students just choose the correct answer in this section.

Reflection: In this section, students need to think within themselves about a response and support their reply with textual evidence that explains how their answer is a logical education.

Metacognitive Awareness: I tell students that this section lets them think about what do they know and how do they know it.

If students did not finish, they completed this for homework.  The next day we reviewed the questions and shared ideas from the article.