Final Construction and the Building Inspection

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SWBAT use measurement skills and knowledge of rectangles to add pieces to an irregular 3 dimensional roof and will be visited by the building inspector!

Big Idea

Rectangles are an important part of many 3 dimensional solids.


5 minutes

Most students will be almost done and can start getting ready for their visit from the building inspector.  I write these questions on the board so that they know that the building inspector can ask any of the following questions.  Then I either visit them in person with my clipboard and an imaginary checklist or I may call on students to present the information in front of the zoning board (the class).  

What shapes are in your building?

What is this 3 dimensional solid?  (point)

What shapes make up this (point) 3 dimensional solid?

What shapes can that (name shape) be decomposed into?

What is your building's purpose?

Do you have a fire escape?

Make sure it is wheelchair accessible.  Show me where you will build the ramp.

What is the maximum occupancy of your building?

What features do you have in your building that will help you conserve energy?

Construction Activity

45 minutes

Students who need to finish up on their buildings do so while the others write down notes for the building inspector and practice asking each other the questions.   They may also be recruited (by me or by other students) to assist with construction.

I walk around and confer with students.  Here I am asking a student about how she will construct her roof and we talk about  Applying Area to Building the Roof.  

The building inspector (me) starts to talk to students whose buildings are complete.  In doing so I heard this student  Explains Her Thinking and critique her own reasoning!