Receiving Revision Help for Rough Drafts

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Students will be able to revise an informative paragraph for ideas and content by participating in a writing workshop.

Big Idea

Students get feedback from their peers to make their ideas and content stronger.

Daily Grammar

15 minutes



Writing a Rough Draft

15 minutes

It's important to be able to produce writing in a set amount of time.  In fact, it's the tenth writing standard for writing.  It states that students should "write routinely over extended time frames and shorter time frames for a range of discipline-specific tasks, purposes, and audiences."  In other words, they need to write in a time period to meet a deadline.  Real life applications?  I only see a couple here.

That's why I asked students to write their rough drafts in class.  I gave them about 15 minutes to take the outline they wrote on Friday and turn it into a rough draft.  Sounds easy, right?

Sure, until you take into consideration that they're seventh graders, they like to stretch things out, it's the week of Valentine's Day, the weather changed, and tomorrow 70% of fourth hour will be on a field trip. AND IT'S A FULL MOON.

Classroom management becomes very important on days like this.   Giving them a specific time limit helps.  Roaming around the room helps.  Telling students to sit down and get to work helps.  Giving students punches on their punch cards helps.




Revising for Ideas and Content

15 minutes

I assigned students a clock appointment to work with.  Today we used 9:00 for first hour and 2:00 for fourth hour.  I did a finagling to account for students who are absent today and who were absent on Friday. 

Their task in for today was to read each their paragraphs aloud and listen for the effectiveness of ideas and content.  We didn't worry about conventions today, just ideas and content.  The big question was what are your main ideas and supporting details?  How easy is it for your reader to understand your ideas?  Sound familiar?  It's pretty much the standard quickwrite questions applied to their own writing.  

Once they were done, they wrote each other revision love notes to provide specific feedback.  They included what was effective, as well as what was ineffective. At the end of class, I asked students what they had changed or planned to change.  Check out this video to see some of their responses.

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