Reviewing the Structures

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SWBAT analyze a passage to determine the text structure.

Big Idea

SHOW DOWN! Students get competitive with their review of text structures!

Advanced Organizer

7 minutes

I want to bridge all the structures we have learned about and to help the students process all of this information, I will have the students complete an "Around the Room".  To do this, I will place a large sheet of chart paper up with one of the five text structures written on it.  I will place these papers around the room.  I want the students to write down ANYTHING they know or remember about the structure.  I'll put up guiding points: definition, clue word, example of topic, etc...

I will allow the students about 5 minutes to circulate through the room.  I will encourage them to record one thing for each structure.  I will monitor and guide.


25 minutes

Once the students have had the chance to record something for each structure, I go through their comments with the class.  We will discuss any comments that need clarification and review any that are not correct. 

Then, I will display the Text Structure power point.  On the last few slides there are some sample passages that I will go through with the students.  Each passage is written with a different text structure in mind and is a good example for that text structure.  What I really like about this power point is that every passage is about the same topic.  This allows the students to see how the structures are built. 

I will model my thinking and how I use the clue words, the transitions, and topic to help me decide in which structure each sentence is written.  This helps the struggling students see the tools and strategy I use to assist me. 

Once I do the first one, I will turn it over to the students. 

Guided Practice

15 minutes

To have the students practice this concept, I am going to have them play a little game known as Show Down.  In this game, the students are working with their shoulder partners to answer questions.  They write their response onto a white board and then "show" their answers as soon as they are done.  If they are correct, they receive a point.  Another way I will play this is to have the students all show their answers at the same time! Once I say "Show Down", they all hold up their white boards.  This allows them to not feel so rushed and to not compare themselves with other students.

I will go through the remainder of the Text Structure power point, or until I think they have had enough practice and review. 


Indepdendent Practice

15 minutes

Now that the students have had some practice with partners, it is time to see how they can do on their own. 

I can use this activity to assess their learning and determine their preparedness for the assessment. 

I will pass out the passages and have the students work quietly to read through each passage and determine the text structure of the passage.  I will encourage the students to look for and circle the clue words in the passage.  This is especially important for my struggling learners.  It is a tool that they can easily use to help them. 

As they are working, I will walk around and monitor their progress, reteach, and provide additional assistance as needed.


7 minutes

Closure for this lesson is very important because it is the first time the students are asked to apply the structures to text, not in isolation.  They have to weed through all the information learned over the last few lessons and analyze a text.  It is important that they are given a chance to reflect. 

I will pass out a Closure Slip and have the students work to complete it.  This will allow them to process the concepts and express any concerns with their understanding.  I can use these to reteach or provide additional practice opportunities.