Nonfiction Reading Circles Part 3 -One Step Ahead of Hitler

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SWBAT demonstrate their understanding of the text though both verbal and written communication.

Big Idea

Talking it out.

Warm Up

5 minutes

Since we haven't had a reading circle meeting in a while, to open class today, I will ask students to turn to a neighbor and explain "SLANT". We have used SLANT many times in the past as guidelines for discussion, but I want to remind them.  I want them to be responsible for this first, so they have ownership of the process.

After they have had time to talk, I will review SLANT with the whole class. 

Sit up

Look at the person talking

Act like you care

Nod your head in acknowlegement

Take turns speaking


Group Work

30 minutes

At this time students will have their reading circle meeting.  This will require some moving around as students are partnered up with students who most likely do not sit by them. 

Next, I will simply remind them that they should have the text, their Reading Circle Sheets and open ears. Before turning them lose to discuss, I'll instruct them to start at the top and work their way down just as they learned to do earlier in the year.  

I will be circulating, listening and facilitating the discussion process.

Students will discuss with their partner for the first 15-10 minutes.  Then, I will ask students to return to their regular seats and discuss with their table mates.  This will allow each student to hear and ask questions about different sections.

Wrap Up

20 minutes

To wrap up this class, I will read the conclusion of One Step Ahead of Hitler to my students.  The ending comments by Mr. Gross are beautiful to say the least, and I think it is a good place to close.

After the reading, I will ask students to respond in their journals to the conclusion -especially his last comments about fulfilling his "role as a teacher, and a survivor, and as a Jew."