Pirate Compare and Contrast with How I Became a Pirate.pdf - Section 6: Review, Read Aloud, and Weigh Anchor Until Tomorrow

  • pirate compare and contrast with how i became a pirate
  Pirate Compare and Contrast with How I Became a Pirate.pdf
  Pirate Compare and Contrast with How I Became a Pirate.pdf
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Aarrr, Matey! Hoist the Sails and Read Closely: Pirate Week Day 1 of 5

Unit 2: Ocean Inspired Unit
Lesson 6 of 13

Objective: SWBAT read closely, answering questions using the text, illustrations, and their own schema (ideas). SWBAT identify text structure that make a text unique, and how the illustrations contribute to the words in a story.

Big Idea: Your crew begins their pirate week by receiving pirate talk bookmarks, previewing, and beginning the story How I Became a Pirate, by Melinda Long.

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English / Language Arts, Reading, Fiction (Reading), close reading, smart board, Graphic Organizer, read closely, How I Became a Pirate, Pirates, text structure, Bookmark, comprehension, notes, presentation, questioning, infer, note taking, listening, Venn diagram, illustration, Common Core Poster, Melinda Long
  50 minutes
welcome to pirate week
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