Properties of Plane Shapes

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SWBAT compare/contrast and categorize shapes by their defining attributes.

Big Idea

I love graphic organizers. My students will increase their vocabularies by learning more 2D shape terms through the use of a graphic organizer.

Rev Them Up

5 minutes

I will begin by drawing several polygon shapes on the SmartBoard and have a discussion with my students to compare/contrast the shapes. I want them to continue our discussion from the previous lesson to identify and review the defining attributes of plane shapes (1.G.A.1). The Common Core Standards are rigorous and have high expectations for students, so we, as teachers, need to remember to teach concepts more in-depth and not try to cover expansive material without ever teaching concepts to mastery. This lesson adds to the depth of their shapes knowledge. For example, today I teach students that they can use the word "vertex" instead of "corner" when describing where two edges meet in a polygon.

During our discussion, I also want to cover:

  • Which shapes have the same amount of edges?
  • Which shapes have curved lines?
  • Which shapes have straight edges?
  • Which shape has the least amount of edges?
  • Which shape has the most edges?
  • Which shape has the least amount of corners/vertices?
  • Which shape has the most corners/vertices?
  • Which shapes are polygons?
  • Which shapes are not polygons and why not?

This discussion will assist my students in identifying the defining attributes of shapes. Please refer to the two videos, Shape Vocab Discussion Video and Polygon review video, to assist you with your discussion. During my shapes discussion video you will see a great opportunity I had to share with my students that a square is a special kind of rectangle, it just has equal sides. Don't forget to mention this to your students. The two shapes are used in later CCSS lessons to build different 3D shapes, so it is important for them to learn the defining attributes of both and to understand they are related.

Whole Group Interaction

20 minutes

Need: One Piece of white construction paper per student.

Today, I will have my students continue their shape review by creating a graphic organizer from a flap book. I love using graphic organizer booklets in all subject areas. They engage my students while producing a product that furthers their learning. Graphic organizers take a boring lecture and turn it into a fun activity for first graders. I am having my students use construction paper instead of copy paper because it is thicker and more durable. These are important factors for creating a flap book organizer because my little ones tear things easily when erasing. 

I will pre-fold construction paper down the middle of its length (hot dog style). Also I will pre-cut from one outer edge up to the fold to create 5 equal flaps. Check out this picture and watch the discussion my class has with me. I will have my students label the front of the flaps with circle, square, triangle, rectangle, and pentagon. Inside the flap, I will have the illustrate the shape and write each ones defining attributes. It is important for them to master the defining attributes of each shape to help them when constructing and viewing 2D and 3D shapes. You can again point out to your class that a square is actually a special rectangle with equal sides.

Independent Practice

10 minutes

Need: Print the worksheet and copy for each student.

I created a Worksheet Printable asking my students to draw shapes based on their defining attributes. Shapes can be categorized by these attributes. The attributes describe what a shape is made of and helps students build a mental image by learning what the attributes are. I will read each problem to my class and ask them to draw the plane shape requested. Check this Independent Practice Pic and Worksheet progress video to see their hard work in action.


5 minutes

To end our lesson and review what we have learned today I will ask my students to "Popcorn" share their answers. I will pass out scrap paper for them to jot their answer down to help them focus when I first ask the question, then when I say "Popcorn" they can pop up and say their answer.

  • What shape has 0 vertices, 0 sides?
  • What shapes have 4 sides, 4 angles?
  • What shape has 3 vertices?
  • What polygon has 4 vertices?
  • What shape is a square a special example of?