Writing Fluid Prose: Revision Using a Theme/Rheme Analysis

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SWBAT recognize areas for revising their arguments to build more fluid, complex ideas through a theme/rheme linguistic analysis of their drafts.

Big Idea

Re-defining key ideas of the previous sentence at the beginning of the next sentence provides a map for the reader and deepens the argument.


As I noted in my reflection of yesterday’s class, I felt like a covered a great deal of ground with the students, and while it seemed they understood the basics from their free-writes at the end, we ran out of time for them to write in much detail to reflect on the lesson.  My instinct, as well as from the feedback of my colleague who was observing,is it feels like a little review to synthesize how to use a theme/rheme analysis for revision will be helpful before the go into revisions.  So I will spend about fifteen minutes reviewing our work from yesterday before moving to the library so students can apply their new revision tools, and I can consult one one one with them on their topics.

Review of Theme/Rheme and its Application to Writing

15 minutes

I had a few slides at the end of my presentation yesterday (theme rheme defined ppt.pptx) that does this review work, so I will use those as a basis for a mini-lecture/lesson review from yesterday.  The first few of these slides review yesterday’s work, and then the final couple slides provide a list of ways to use this understanding as they write (theme rheme review.mp4)

Revising Arguments/One on One Consultation

55 minutes

After we’ve reviewed, we will head to the library so students can start revising their work and I can talk individually with students who may be having a hard time.  They were also asked to do a theme/rheme analysis of their first draft, so I can check these individually to get a sense of how they used the concept for editing (or whether they did it at all!).   Doing a quick check-in with all the students also will give me data for planning any other review tomorrow before we continue revising.