Cornerstone: Peer Review Fishbowl

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SWBAT: learn how to authentically and purposefully peer review from seeing it modeled.

Big Idea

With my collaborative teacher acting as a writer, we "fishbowl" how a proper peer review session looks and sounds.

Guiding Question

5 minutes

Sometimes, students need to visualize the end result so they can align themselves in line for that goal. So, for instance, I think that for students to be able to be a successful peer reviewer, they need to be able to be able to visualize what that might look and sound like.

This Guiding Question asks that students begin thinking about what characteristics a successful peer reviewer possesses.


15 minutes

I'm lucky to have a collaborative teacher who is willing to jump in and go along with my crazy ideas. I hope that in your school, wherever you are, you have someone who can help you with this lesson. 

It's important that you model the expectation you want out of your kids. One thing that I really wanted my kids to master this year was peer review. I felt like that, so often, students were just looking at their peers' writing, complimenting it and handing it back. 

In front of the kids, we worked through the Exemplars: Exemplar #1 and Exemplar #2. Pretending that one was mine and one was my collaborative teacher's piece of writing.

We were sure to make eye contact, ask follow-up questions, and have a full-fledged conversation about the piece. Actually, we really drew this out just to really be able to show the kids what this kind of conversation should look like.

Work Time

25 minutes

While my collaborative teacher and myself are talking about the texts, it feels important that my students are also talking about what they are noticing about our movements and our discussion. Of course, they can't talk while we are talking, but they can hold a silent discussion on Todays Meet. This site is essentially a private chat room where my students can use the iPads, or their own devices, to hold a silent discussion about what they are observing.

In order to give some guidance for the discussion, I keep the Today's Meet directions slide on the projector.

Here is the transcript from one class and here is the transcript 2 from another class.

Wrap Up

5 minutes

Of course, I want my students to begin understanding that the new expectation is that they follow our lead by having a deep, in-depth peer review session. I can't just release them without having them set specific goals for the follow-up lesson, which will be a peer review session. To this end, they fill out the peer review goal setting sheet as part of the reflection of the lesson.

Here are two examples: Student Work Goal Setting One and Student Work Goal Setting Two.