Day 77 - PPT - review solving inequalities - 2013 - 12.20.pptx - Section 2: Rules of the Game

  • day 77 ppt review solving inequalities 2013 12 20
  Day 77 - PPT - review solving inequalities - 2013 - 12.20.pptx
  Day 77 - PPT - review solving inequalities - 2013 - 12.20.pptx
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Inequalities Trivia Review

Unit 4: Multi-step Equations, Inequalities, and Factoring
Lesson 15 of 20

Objective: SWBAT review translating, solving, and graphing one and two step inequalities by playing a trivia game.

Big Idea: Students work independently at the beginning of class solving and interpreting inequalities and spend the rest of class reviewing answers and miscellaneous class trivia through a game.

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