Demonstrating the Meaning of Metaphors Using Glogster (Day 2 of 2)

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SWBAT evaluate how Hurston's use of metaphors advance her theme by identifying and demonstrating meaning of the metaphors using template.

Big Idea

Does Race Really Matter? Students analyze Hurston's thoughts on race.


10 minutes

I begin this day 2 part of the lesson with an activator on setting the tone of "How it Feels to be Colored Me."  I want to bring my students focus to the lesson's objective and check for understanding RL.9-10.4.  

We review the answers as a class and discuss why these statements reflect her self identity as a woman growing up in an often oppressive society.

Building Knowledge

10 minutes

I first bring students' attention to a quote I had previously written on the board, "I remember the day I became colored" with three possible interpretations:

a. the day Hurston realized she was different than others

b. the day Hurston did not want to be an African American

c. the day she was angry about having dark skin

Using the strategy Think, Write, Pair, Share, which supports student to student discourse, I ask students to first think about which answer best describes the meaning of the quote.  Writing in their journals they will explain their answers W.9-10.10, and finally discuss their answers with a partner SL.9-10.1.

We discuss the choices and the author's use of metaphor.  I ask students to then discuss and write in their journals a possible image that they'd download to illustrate this quote .

Lastly, using my lap top and projector, I project my computer screen so all students can once again see the steps for using and the Project template for their performance task.


Student Learning Activity

40 minutes

Students log onto and click on the Project Glog template. I give everyone a list of metaphors from the story and depending on ability I assign each student or group 2-4 metaphors in which they will follow these steps which are written on the board:

  1. First find the metaphor in the text, RL.9-10.1 
  2. Next discuss its meaning with a partner or Mr. Khalsa, RL.9-10.4SL.9-10.1
  3. Then write the metaphor on the Project Glog template and download photos which illustrate its meaning 
  4. When completed with the Project Glog, ask Mr. Khalsa to review it and then print two copies, one for your folder and one for the "student work board"  

I use proximity to check for understanding and keep students focused on the activity.  I float from student to group, observing the process. If anyone is having difficulty working together (e.g., a member is dominating or disruptive), or is not understanding the task, I make an appropriate intervention such as asking students to work individually or change partners.   I will also ask a student who has mastered the project to act as a teacher's assistant by helping those who are have questions or are having difficulty with the web site. 

Wrap Up

15 minutes

Share Out: I give some extra time for the Wrap up so at least two student volunteers will have time to share their completed project which will be projected on a screen using the docucamera.  

I encourage them to speak clearly, concisely, and logically. Students are then encouraged to add to the meaning as required in standard, SL.9-10.4.