Expressions Test - What have you learned?

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Students will be able to add, subtract, multiply and factor linear expressions.

Big Idea

See the fruits of your labor…time to test on expressions!


5 minutes

Opener:  As students enter the room, they will sit down and have 5 minutes to review their notes, discuss with their table, and ask me questions.

Learning Target:  After completion of the opener, I will address the day’s learning targets to the students.  In today’s lesson, the intended targets are, “I can add, subtract, multiply and factor linear expressions.” Students will jot the learning target down in their agendas (our version of a student planner, there is a place to write the learning target for every day). 


55 minutes

Simplifying Expressions Test:  The test consists of 25 multiple choice questions. I will utilize the mastery connect website.  As with any test, students will be asked to persevere with problems (mathematical practice 1) until they reach a solution, and attention to precision (mathematical practice 6) will be very important when combining like terms!


2 minutes