Unit Review Game: Categories

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SWBAT review the important concepts of this trigonometry unit.

Big Idea

The review game Categories is a fun way to review the Law of Sines, Law of Cosines, vectors, and complex numbers.

Check Unit Review

25 minutes

Students were given the unit review for homework yesterday. I gave my students the answers so that we won’t have to spend time in class checking their work – they will already have come into class with the problems that were not correct. It is a good idea to give students 5-8 minutes to talk with their table group about questions they did not have right. This is nice to get rid of some of the procedural questions and to focus on the conceptual struggles they are having.

At this point in the chapter, my students are still having some difficulty converting complex numbers in a + bi form into trigonometric form. I attribute this to fact that this is still a relatively new concept; we have only been working on this for a few days.

In yesterday’s video, I said that questions #3 - #5 were typically difficult for students and I have some pointers on those problems. Besides those specific problems, it might be a good idea to ask some general questions to summarize all of the work we have done in this unit. Below are some suggested questions to ask.

1. How do you find a resultant vector?

2. When can there be two possible triangles? When can there be zero triangles?

3. What are the different tools we can use when working with triangles? How do we know which tool to use?

4. How can you find the area of a triangle?

5. How do you convert from a + bi form to trigonometric form when working with complex numbers?

Review Game: Categories

30 minutes

Categories is always a fun review game for the students and the teacher. Students will be divided into teams and will work on questions and answer individually. After getting five points for a correct answer, they will have the opportunity to get five additional points by having their teams guess the category that they are listing things off from.They will have one minute to get through as many categories as possible.

Here is the PowerPoint you can use with your students. Here is the list of categories to use. You will cut these up and only give one box to the student listing examples off. The other set is for you so you can follow along.

In the video below I explain the game in more detail.

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