Developing Presentations of Text Structures (Day 2)

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SWBAT compose a presentation in order to showcase their understanding of text structures in a creative and coherent presentation.

Big Idea

BTW, NO Text Language 2day! :)

Lesson Opener

10 minutes

Connect:  I will say, “Yesterday we planned out our presentations using the “Prezi” website. I want to remind you of some things that we do when we are writing, but when you get to a computer you are not doing for some reason.

Teach: I will ask them to turn and talk and discuss, “Do you talk to your parents and guardians the same way you talk with your friends?” I heard most of you say no. What you are doing when you are changing the way you talk, you are “code switching.” You are using different language for a different audience. I want you to do the same with your presentations. I am seeing the same type of language you would use to text or use on Facebook on your presentation. I am going to practice the skill of reading over my presentation. I am going to use the strategy of using formal language, just like I do in my writing. The process I will use is as follows:

1) Read over my Prezi

2) Ask myself, “Am I using proper capitalization, punctuation and spelling?”  

3) Correct any errors

I will show the students my Prezi in which I changed some of the text to have informal use of capitalization and spelling. I will also leave out punctuation. 

Here is an explanation of how I developed this lesson opener; Day 2 of Prezi.

Active Engagement

10 minutes

Active Engagement: I will say, “Now you are going to read over your Prezi from yesterday. After about 10 minutes I will ask you what kind of corrections you have made.” I will ask my different levels of learners their examples of what they have completed so far (at least 3 students-one who is at standard, one is approaching standard, and one who is above standard).

Closing of Active Engagement: I will say, “Remember successful presenters read over their presentations. They use the strategy of using formal language, just like they do in writing. The process they use is: read over their presentation, ask themselves, “Am I using proper capitalization, punctuation and spelling?” and then correct any errors.

Independent Practice

25 minutes

Independent Practice: Students will be then be directed to complete at their presentation today; I will give them benchmarks along the way (about 12 minutes for each text structure). I will confer with them as they work. 


I believe that the end of the lesson should be an assessment of the days’ learning; therefore it should be independent work. 

For closing today students will “share” their Prezi with my by emailing it to me. If they need to finish they can complete it at home. If they do not have a computer, they can come in at lunch, before or after school and complete it.