Using Vocabulary Words in Our Writing

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SWBAT use the new week's vocabulary words in their writing by practicing sentences.

Big Idea

Use your words carefully!


5 minutes

This short lesson is meant to be used as part of a daily lesson on every Tuesday. I usually do a short vocabulary lesson at the start of a lesson, before my lesson opener or at the end, after the exit ticket. 

Teach: I will say, I am going to practice the skill using the week's vocabulary words in my writing in order to practice their meaning. I am going to use the strategy of trying out sentences in my writing. The process I will use is as follows:

1) Repeat the words off the Word Wall with my classmates

2) Ask myself, "How could I use one of the words in a sentence?"

3) Jot down a practice sentence on the weekly vocabulary sheet*

4) Ask my writing partner if it "sounds correct in a sentence."

5) I will make it a goal to use at least one of the words in my writing today (a different word than I used yesterday). 

I will have students do a class-wide choral read of the words. They will then stop and jot one of the words in a sentence, then turn and talk to read their sentence with a partner. They will complete the rest for homework. I will remind them after the writing lesson to use at least one more of the words and underline it in their writing today. Here are some examples of using vocabulary in our writing.

*All weeks are included in the first lesson of this unit.