Post Assessment Multiplying and Dividing Rational Numbers

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SWBAT showcase their mastery involving multiplying and dividing rational numbers.

Big Idea

Let's show off our skills! Students will take a post assessment to assess the understanding gained from the lessons taught between the pre and post assessments.

Teacher Guided Notes

As stated in the pre-assessment teacher guided notes, pre and post assessments are critical in effectively gathering data to prove student mastery.  When administering the same post assessment you are able to see what students have mastered, as well as what needs to be retaught.  Students will be able to showcase what they gained from the instruction between the time the pre assessment was given to the post assessment.  It is a great practice to know what students know, and what to do when students do not know.   Having students show their thinking is critical, even when given multiple choice.  Once we are able to understand what the child is thinking we are able to tailor make the instruction to meet the needs of the child.  

Please refer back to the notes given in the pre-assessment that will help you understand how to chart the data and use the post assessment to gauge growth. It will be interesting to see the new strategies that students used in comparison to the strategies they used on the pre assessment.  

Post Assessment

45 minutes

To get your bang for your buck with this practice you will need to grade these as soon as possible.  The data comparison between the pre and post-test will give you a true gauge of what students gained from the instruction between the two assessments.  Use the data to drive your future instruction.  Objectives that students still struggle with can be retaught, or infused with future lessons.  This will allow you to know exactly where your students are throughout the course of your teaching.  To see gains on your state standardized assessments, and upcoming CCSS assessments, you should definitely be aware of what your students are gaining throughout the year.  This is also an awesome practice to get the results we want for value added.