Arithmetic and Geometric Sequences and Series Exam

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SWBAT represent arithmetic and geometric sequences/series verbally, visually, in lists/tables, graphically, as a recursive rule/pattern, an explicit rule, and in summation notation in an unit exam.

Big Idea

Represent arithmetic and geometric sequences/series with various models in an exam over the unit.

Quick Write

10 minutes

The point of this QW is to get students used to self assessing their test preparation strategies.

Students will enter the classroom and answer the following question in their binder or on a piece of paper (teacher choice, I have a required binder with Quick Write section they are graded on)

"I studied for for the exam by _______________.  I am expecting the following grade _______.  I can study differently next time by ____________________."


Two alternatives:

  • leave the "I am expecting the following grade" question out of the quick write and use it instead as an exit ticket.  
  • ask the  "I am expecting the following grade" a second time as an exit ticket.




70 minutes

This exam is very similar to the review that I gave in the previous lesson.  Students will be given the opportunity to show how to model both arithmetic and geometric sequences and series  in various ways.