Determining situations in which opposite quantities make A FUN LESSON!

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SWBAT determine a situation in which opposite quantities make 0.

Big Idea

Let’s be creative in showing our mastery! Students will create a poster that will show their mastery in determining a situation in which opposite quantities make 0.

Teacher Guided Notes

In this lesson, students will get out the markers, crayons, and poster boards.  They will create a poster that will have 4 sections to show mastery.  Specific directions will be found in the student activity section.  We will open this lesson by watching a youtube video from Learn Zillion.  This is a 5 minute video that will review absolute value and opposite quantities in order to gain understanding of additive inverses.  These are all vocabulary terms that will help with student mastery.  This lesson is intended to be fun and creative. 


Bell Ringer

10 minutes

Bell Ringer:  Have students enter the room.  Students will sit in their individual seats to watch the 5 minute youtube video. 


Encourage students to take notes while watching the youtube video in their Interactive Math Journals. This will give them practice on taking notes while listening to a lecture.  This is going to be an important skill they will need as they go into high school and college.  Once the video has concluded, summarize important points of emphasis that will help students complete their posters.  

Student Activity

30 minutes

This will be the bulk of the lesson, this may take two days in order for students to produce quality work. Students will create a poster that will showcase their mastery in determining a situation in which opposite quantities make 0.  Have students create a rough draft using notebook paper.  Students must come up with a situation in which opposite quantities make 0.  Refer back to the examples that were seen during the video.  Students will section their papers into 4 congruent parts.  Section 1 should be titled “The Situation”, Section 2 “Vocabulary”, Section 3 “Illustration”, and Section 4 “Number Line Representation”.  For the rough drafts, you are assessing their understanding.  Does their situation show opposite quantities that make 0?  Is it real world?  Is it realistic?  Are the meanings of the vocabulary terms accurate?  Does their number line illustration agree with the situation they created?  Did they use the correct integers to represent the situation?  Does their illustration show the situation clear and accurately? 

*Terms you will want to have included in the vocabulary section: Integers, absolute value, opposite quantities, additive inverse. 

For the final copy, have students use 8 x 14 size copy paper to create their posters.  Once you have given the okay on their rough drafts, this is when they are to kick it up a notch.  Students should be neat, creative, clear, and show mathematical mastery.  Students will need to be accurate, and understand what to do with the quantities.  They will practice MP 2, 4, and 6 for this lesson. 


5 minutes

Summarize what the point of the product is with the students.  Review the points of emphasis from the video they watched during the bell ringer.  Make sure there is understanding of vocabulary terms and the process in which to determine when a situation has opposite quantities making zero.  Much of your assessment will be done while checking the student rough drafts. 

Exit Ticket or Homework Your Choice!

This will be your choice you can assign the resource as an exit ticket or a homework assignment.  Either way these are two quick questions that will allow you to see who truly understands the objective of today.