Tremendous Triangles Projects

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Students will show their knowledge of congruent triangles by creating a video of their own congruent proof and/or completing a jigsaw activity that reviews SSS, SAS, ASA, AAS and HL.

Big Idea

It's students' time to shine! Students develop their own problem and then shoot a video to explain how to prove their triangles congruent.

Triangle Proof Video Project

40 minutes


40 minutes

Student Exemplars

5 minutes

Here are two examples of students' work for this project. 

The video below highlights what I considered to be a perfect project with strong explanations for the content, proving two triangles congruent, and also a clear explanation of strategies and tips for solving.  

The second video has a mathematical error but is also very creative, and funny.  These students were asked to re-write their triangle proof to earn credit back.