Adding and Subtracting Integers Test

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Students will be able to showcase their skills on adding and subtracting integers.

Big Idea

See the fruits of your labor as students demonstrate what they know on an Adding and Subtracting Integers Test.


5 minutes


55 minutes

Adding and Subtracting Integers Test:  Today students will take the Adding and Subtracting Integers Test using Mastery Connect. As with any test, students will need to persevere with problems in an effort to reach the correction solution, MP 1.  Problems on the test take the form of both skill based and application, so students will be required to reason abstractly and quantitatively as well as model with mathematics, MP 2 and MP 4.  Working with signed numbers require that students are precise - missing a sign or using the wrong rule will result in an incorrect answer that could have a totally different meaning than they intend, MP 6.  Depending on the level of the student, some students may draw number lines or picture models to help them solve problems, which is a good use of the tools and strategies that were taught during this unit so far, MP 5.


2 minutes

Self-Reflection:  To summarize this lesson, I am going to have students write me a note reflecting on how they think they did on the test.  What was easy?  What was hard?  What do you need to work on more after seeing what a test looks like?  I will have the students hand me their notes on the way out of the classroom.