Diving Into Inquiry

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SWBAT conduct short research by working on their persuasive speech annotated bibliographies.

Big Idea

Time to dive in to research!

Transition Time

5 minutes

Once again, we will put off our reading time until Wednesdays class, so after my teaching partner and I take attendance in our classroom, I will take students to the library computer lab for our research time today.

Speech Organization Format

10 minutes

Before the students even log into the computer, I will take some time to show them the organizational/written format their final speeches will take.

They will be graded on three major things for this project--research process, written notes/speech outlines and the speech itself. They will need the majority of the day today to research, but I want to make sure that they have their organizational framework in place as they begin to take notes.

I am stealing this idea from one of my common course team members because it is so awesome. I will have each student create a file folder with "pockets" for their information and speech notecards. I will provide empty manila folders, envelope pockets (legal envelopes cut in half), and notecards for each student. I think this layout will help students to think about the organization of their speeches and, as an added bonus, it will be nice for my kinesthetic learners as they will be able to manipulate their note cards/ideas physically rather than just creating a traditional outline/web. 

I will explain the format to them and then have them grab supplies to create their own folders.

Independent Research Time

35 minutes

Once they've finished creating their folders, I will have them log on to the computers and their Google Drive. From there I will ask them to locate Easybib, a fantastic (and free!) resource that creates MLA formatted citations (CCSS.ELA-Literacy.L.9-10.3a) for students. Once they are logged into Google, all their work will automatically link to their Google accounts for easy access both at school and at home.

This tool, discovered by my teacher-librarian, is so easy to use and even allows for annotations to be written directly into their citations. I will remind them of the basic requirements of their annotated bibliographies and then encourage them to dive into their inquiry process.

The standards require that students participate in a variety of independent research processes (CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.9-10.7 and CCSS.ELA-Literacy.W.9-10.8), so I will really try to leave them be. While they research, I will circulate the room to answer questions about the technology or their inquiry topics/questions.

Wrap up and Next Steps

5 minutes

Once again, I will ask them to pull back together a little early to make sure the lab is ready to go for the next class. I will remind them to continue their research at home.