Hyperboles make it SOOO much better!

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SWBAT demonstrate understanding of author's use of hyperbole in text.

Big Idea

Students stretch the truth to write hyperboles.

Advanced Organizer

7 minutes

To engage the students in the concept of stretching the truth, I will have the students read a poem titled I Ate a Spicy Pepper.  The poem is a fun, rhythmic poem that uses hyperboles to share a boy's experience eating a spicy pepper.  The poem is funny and demonstrates the use of hyperbole in a text that is sixth grade appropriate and easy to relate to for a 6th grade student.

I will read it aloud first, demonstrating how to read the poem.  Then, I will have the students read the poem aloud to each other.  This will allow them to feel that rhythm but also practice their fluency.  Besides, it is a fun one to read!


25 minutes

Because this a transition year for us to implementing the Common Core standards, I have discovered that the students need a review of figurative language.  I do not feel like I will have to spend more than a day reviewing each type of figurative language, but in order to move on to understanding and analyzing it in text, the students needed the refresher. 

To continue with the same way I introduced Similes and Metaphors, I will use songs to reinforce Hyperboles. I will pass out the interactive reading notebook song lyrics and definitions notes and have the students cut and paste the song lyrics and definition into their spirals Student Sample Hyperbole onto the next blank page in Unit 2.  I will allow them 7 minutes to do this. See Building Notebook.

Once they finish, I will review the definition with the students and model how I located the hyperbole within the song, then how I explained the meaning of the hyperbole. 

If I am feeling the students need more examples, I will write more examples on the board and ask the students to explain the meaning of the examples. 


25 minutes

To provide the students with more practice and guidance, I will have the students work with their shoulder partner to complete the Hyperbole Guided Practice.  This handout allows the students to see hyperboles in action and to see how they affect writing. 

They will also have the opportunity to analyze and explain the hyperboles as well as create their own examples. 

I will allow the students 10-15 minutes to work on this activity.  While they are working, I will monitor the students, provide guidance and support for my struggling learners, as well as reteach if necessary.  If the students are struggling, I will model how to use the definition and examples as support.  I want them to struggle a bit before providing them with too much assistance or modifying too much.  Accessing our resources is essential to learning and I want them to develop that habit  

Once we have finished, I will ask students to share their thoughts and responses with the class.  This will help to provide more modeling for the students who are struggling.  It can be very helpful for the students to see how their peers are thinking and creating. 

Literature Groups

35 minutes

I will now ask the students to move into their reading groups.  The students are placed in ability leveled reading groups to allow for differentiation with the product and process of the literature groups.

I will ask the students to prepare for reading by taking out our novel work.  This includes our Reading Response Guide, as well as our Seedfolks Character Analysis handout.  I will allow 5 minutes for the group to check their work to make sure everyone in the group is caught up and ready to go for today.  During this time, I will walk around to monitor progress and assess who is keeping up and who is falling behind.  I can then determine what intervention is needed to assist these students. 

Next, we will read the next two chapters "Virgil" and "Sae Young" aloud.  As I read, I am still modeling how I annotate the text.  This guidance is still needed, however, I will begin to pull back from asking the students after I read a paragraph if there is anything I should annotate.  This releases the responsibility of identifying important text to them.  By calling on them, it will model thinking at their level using their peers ideas. 

Once we have read the two chapters, I will have the students work in their groups to complete their daily work, practicing their discussion skills.  This developing skill allows them a chance to share their thoughts and ideas.


7 minutes

To assess the students' understanding of the concept as well as to help them process their own learning, I will ask the students to complete the Closure Slip.  I will ask the students why authors may want to use hyperbole in their writing.  How can hyperbole affect a piece of writing?  Where might it be useful.  

My guess would be that students will understand that hyperboles can be used to exaggerate, but can they tell me why an author would want to use exaggeration?  What does and how can exaggeration contribute to the writing.  Knowing they won't understand that is what I'm looking for, I will probably prompt them with those questions.