Finally Finals #1

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SWBAT review key topics learned in the geometry curriculum like transformations and writing equations of lines parallel and perpendicular to given lines.

Big Idea

It's time for Jeopardy! In this review lesson, students will play Jeopardy to review key topics covered in the Geometry curriculum like transformations and perpendicular bisectors.

Do Now

20 minutes

Before playing Jeopardy, this Do Now reviews how to write 2-column proofs to show that two triangles are congruent.  You can differentiate the do now by asking students to complete a flow proof or a paragraph proof.  This specific proof requires students to review other important topics like bisectors and vertical angles.   This Do Now may take longer than others, and I have alloted about 20 minutes for this as a way to both complete the proof and review other topics related to proofs, like Reflexive Property.  I find that congruent triangle proofs is the topic that students are most nervous about when preparing for the final, and this helps to alleviate some stress by completing this Do Now right at the beginning of the review. 


45 minutes

The jeopardy game is a great opportunity to review key geometry topics like equations of lines, perpendicular and parallel lines as well as transformations.  I ask students to get into groups of their choice (no more than 3 per team) and each student is required to show their work on small white boards.  The template for taking these games can be found at, a great resource!  The template is easy to use, save and amend and also keeps score.


Activity/Homework and Exit Ticket

10 minutes

After playing Jeopardy, this short Exit Ticket will ask students to first remember and use the circle formula, and then asks students to write the midpoint formula.  These formulas are essential for students to know.  You can extend this exit ticket by asking students to find the midpoint of two given points or ask students to find the distance as well betwee two given points. 


We do not provide students with a formula sheet for this exam, however, you should check with your state requirements to see if and what is allowed.