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SWBAT use nouns in a sentence.

Big Idea

My class loves horses. So, we will label the nouns in this picture. We will then use the nouns to make sentences.


10 minutes

Common Core Connection and Introduction

The standard, L1.1b, states that the students will use common, proper, and possessive nouns. First they have to learn what a noun is because first grade may be the first time they have ever heard this word.  They begin working on this skill in this lesson, but this takes a great deal of repetition.  Developing formal language takes modeling and practice. 

Lesson Overview

The students use the picture to write several sentences with nouns in the guided practice. Then in the partner work section they label nouns in a picture, and students write their own sentences. Throughout the lesson students work in small groups and transition often. I have a video on partners: peanut butter jelly partner and transitions.


I will show the students my lesson image and ask them what they think this is a picture of.  They will tell their partner.  This makes everyone involved, thinking, and talking.

Then I say it is a picture full of nouns.  I tell them a noun is a person, place, animal, or thing.  The person is the cowboy.  The place is the rodeo.  The animal is a horse. The thing might be the gate.

We are learning about nouns and we will be talking about using nouns in sentences.  I will have them say, "I can use nouns in sentences."  Then they tell their partner and then repeat it with me.  This restates the lesson goal. They need to know what they are supposed to get out of a lesson.

Guided Practice

20 minutes

I say a noun is a person (point thumbs at yourself), place (arms out to side), animal (chicken wings), or thing (hold arms to side like you are asking a question). We have a chant with motions in the resources: noun chant. These really help the students learn the terms.

I explain that we are going to use each noun in a sentence.  I ask them to discuss sentences that they can make with cowboy.  I call on one volunteer.  Then they share and I write the sentence on the board.  We do this for each of the four words.  Then we use the words rodeo, horse, and gate in a sentence.

Partner Work

15 minutes

They select a picture that I cut out of a magazine.  If they did the cutting it would take forever.  They label the nouns in the picture.  Last, the students create a sentence with one noun.  The sentence creation is supported by Common Core.  Creating a product and labeling the parts are higher order thinking skills.

Student Reflection

10 minutes

This is probably the student's favorite part of the lesson. I select two or three students to read their work in front of the class. The other students sit and listen. So, everyone is working on listening or speaking. To promote the desired behavior I ask say, "Speak loud and clear before each child reads their work." Then I ask the listeners to, "Sit cross applesauce pockets on the floor hands in your laps talking not more. Your eyes are on the speaker and you are thinking about what they are saying." After the students speak, their peers five them academic feedback. For example, "Jump is not a noun, because it is not a person, place, animal, or thing."


5 minutes

Now, it is time for me to assess how well my students understood the material, so the students list five nouns on a post it note and stick it on the exit ticket wall.  I can easily assess how much practice they need and who needs the practice when I look at the wall.

We meet on the lounge area, and I explain, "Using nouns is a skill that we will continue to work on in writing.  We also speak in complete sentences when we are in conversation and this will help us learn to write in complete sentences."  Common Core connects across the subjects so speaking and listening are connected to reading and writing.