Welcome to the Library--You can do More than Check Out Books

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SWBAT gather information from print and digital sources to answer their research question by accessing on-line databases, internet sources, and print media.

Big Idea

Search and research: students explore multiple avenues for extrapolating information.

Introduction to Library Time

Let's Get Started: Techniques in Research and Citation

40 minutes

Today the class meets in the library. The goal is to introduce and/or review how to use the school's databases and create MLA citations to document evidence for the history projects.  I will team teach this class with one of our librarians, Ms. Christy.  

Ms. Christy begins by reviewing with the class how to access the on-line database from our school website. The library has its own link so students can access on the database or the card catalogue from any computer.  Ms. Christy introduces key words for searching a database.  I prompt them based on their project topics and write a list of key terms on the board.  Ms. Christy uses these terms to demonstrate different search techniques using the database, google, and the on-line card catalogue.  

Additionally, she shows them how to get the citations from the database and reviews how to use www.easybib.com to create MLA citations.  Easybib.com is a web site that allows users to generate MLA citations for 59 different types of sources. It is free and easy to use.  Students can also create an annotated bibliography using easybib.com.   

For this project, each group must have at least five sources.  One source has to be from the database and one has to be from an actual book--not an encyclopedia. This assignment mixes traditional library resources with digital resources. Students have to integrate these sources and cite them in MLA format to avoid plagiarism (CC 9-10 8).

Building Knowledge: Maximizing Library Resources

45 minutes

Freedom--now the students are on their own to apply the research techniques to answer their questions. They are working in groups.  The library discussion groups use their planning sheets to divide up the work load.  

The students spend their time at the computer and reviewing books and magazines to find information on their topics.  Ms. Christy and I circulate around the library answering questions and providing guidance as needed.

When the bell rings, the students are dismissed to enjoy their fall break.