Entering the Conversation about Algebra II

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SWBAT write a statement for entering a discourse by establishing the rhetorical situation and appeals, and asking questions.

Big Idea

Entering academic discourse starts with understanding the argument and asking questions.


Group Work: Establishing Meaning and Entering into the Discourse

60 minutes

Today students will come into class having read a piece from last month’s Harper’s Magazine cover story called “Wrong Answer:  The Case Against Algebra II” by Nicholson Baker (September, 2013).   They will continue their exploration of why they learn the content they learn in school by completing a rhetorical analysis of the article and then doing the same process as with the Fareed Zakaria piece for coming up with avenues of entering the conversation.

This lesson builds on their work earlier in the week because it is a longer article and a much more thorough investigation of the topic.  I will not be in school today, so my student teacher will be running the shortened class (due to a pep rally at the end of the day).  Having students follow the same procedures as they did earlier in the week will make it easier for both the students and the student teacher Wrong Answer Group Instructions.pdf

The goal is to continue practicing their ability to analyze the rhetorical strategies of a work, to recognize multiple issues, and to recognize what is not present in order to enter into the discourse.  We will pick up with their assessment of the work tomorrow.