Formative Assessment Day 1

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Assess student mastery of points, lines, rays, planes, segments, midpoint, and distance

Big Idea

Before we go any further, let's check under the hood and see how well students have learned so far.

Independent Practice

25 minutes

During this section, students are working silently on Formative Assessment 1. Students will have 25 minutes to complete the assessment.

When the time elapses, I allow students to keep their papers so that they can get immediate feedback on their own work.

Formative Assessment and Feedback

40 minutes

Now that students have completed the assessment, I go over each item on the assessment. Students have mini whiteboards and markers. For each item I do the following:

  1. Have students copy their responses from their paper onto the mini whiteboard.
  2. Survey the whiteboards to roughly determine the percent correct and the common errors and misconceptions
  3. Do a think-out-loud as I show the correct answer.
  4. Discuss common misconceptions and mistakes, if necessary.


When we've completed all items, students write a reflection on their overall performance on the assessment. They identify their areas of strength and the areas in which they need to improve. At the end of the lesson, I collect the assessment papers and the reflections.