More Exponents with Coefficients

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SWBAT apply rules of exponents with expressions that include leading coefficients.

Big Idea

After taking our weekly CI Quiz, students will have additional practice simplifying expressions with leading coefficients.

CI Quiz #4

27 minutes

It's time for the weekly Continuous Improvement Quiz!  (See CI Folder in Resources for additional information on this process.) This is week number four, so we take CI Quiz #4 8th. Students have 15 minutes to complete the quiz and we spend 7 minutes going quickly over the answers.

Let's Practice! Simplifying Exponential Expressions with Leading Coefficients

10 minutes

After going over the answers to CI Quiz #4, I provide students additional practice with simplifying exponential expressions with leading coefficients during Let's Practice. I give them a variety of equations so that they can practice applying all the rules we have learned in this unit. I also want to see that they are able to recognize leading coefficients and how to handle them.

Once the timer sounds after six minutes, we come together as a class to come to consensus about the answers. I randomly select students from my cup of name sticks to answer each questions. I then ask the class to agree or disagree. If there is disagreement, I ask a dissenting students to share her solution.

Write Now!

8 minutes

To assess students' progress toward our day's objective, I ask each student to answer the Write Now! response in his/her journal. This writing prompt provides me great data about which students are able to apply the rules we have learned and how many need intervention time with me, which I provide during our first hour advisory class.