Exponential and Logarithm Assessment

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SWBT analyze graphs, solve problems and evaluate problems involving exponential and logarithmic functions.

Big Idea

With a written assessment proficiency in analyzing graphs, solving problems and evaluating expressions that involve exponential and logarithmic functions is demonstrated.


40 minutes

Today students take an assessment. Students complete the first 2 pages of the assessment without calculators. When the students solve equations, they leave their answer in logarithmic or exponential form.

I do not allow calculators on the first portion of the test. I want to assess student's ability to use algebra techniques and logarithmic properties and calculators will not allow me to assess this due to the type of problems that are on the test.

Question 11 on the last page does not need a calculator. Students need to think about the structure of an exponential function to answer the question. The last question is similar problems worked on in a previous lesson. I have given students the formula and along with identifying what the parameters represent. Students need to use the information to solve the problem.