Solving Linear Equations Formative Assessment Lesson Framing the Lesson narrative Day - Section 3: Framing The Lesson

  Solving Linear Equations Formative Assessment Lesson Framing the Lesson narrative Day
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Solving Linear Equations in One Unknown Formative Assessment Lesson Day 1 of 3

Unit 3: Solving Linear Equations in One Variable
Lesson 17 of 29

Objective: SWBAT determine what type of solution best fits a linear equation in one unknown: one solution, no solution, or infinite solutions

Big Idea: Great formative assessment lesson to help students understand true meaning of solutions to an equation and how many solutions are possible.

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Math, solving equations, Algebra, formative assessment lesson, 8th grade math, equations in one variable, solutions to equations
  50 minutes
solving linear equations in one unknown formative assessment lesson student sample
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