Persepolis Star Seminar: Small Group Debrief

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SWBAT develop their own understanding of the text by participating in small group seminar discussions.

Big Idea

Being able to state and support a claim about text is a difficult thing--providing scaffolded opportunities to be successful with this is essential in the high school ELA classroom.

A little justification for one day more...

This lesson feels like it is dragging out, but I think it is important to give my students one more day to digest their thinking/discussion. Here's my reasoning: One day more seminar reflection.


10 minutes

We will give the students their typical ten minutes of reading time. I will use this time to check to make sure students have their choice novels now that we are no longer reading Persepolis in class.

Star Seminar Debrief Discussion: Common Section Groups

15 minutes

Students will return to their common section groups from the previous day to debrief what they heard other groups share in the large group/star seminar format.

As we didn't have enough time for true dialogue, this will hopefully provide them a chance to collect their thinking around new/updated responses to the questions posted. Rather than having them return to the section of the text that they focused on, I will ask them to answer the questions using the book as a whole instead (RL.9-10.1). I will ask them to continue taking notes as a part of their discussions so I can track their thinking over the multiple days.


Star Seminar Debrief Discussion: Mixed Groups

20 minutes

After the students have had time to recalibrate their thinking with their common section groups, I will move them into jigsaw groups with their peers.

At this point, it will not matter which section they are representing as they should be discussing the book as a whole. My hope for this section is that they will actually engage in the discussions, thereby meeting the speaking and listening standards that require them to respond to and build on other people's ideas (SL.9-10.1c and SL.9-10.1d).

My teaching partner has graciously offered to be an extra set of ears for me during this time. He will circulate one side of the room and listen to groups that I can't listen to while I am on the other half of the room.

Wrap up and Next Steps

10 minutes

If there is time, I will have students share out their favorite statement from the seminar or any new/final thoughts they may have about the text. If there is not time, I will just collect all their written work and their books so that we are ready to move on to the writing portion of the unit tomorrow.