Overlapping Triangles

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SWBAT persevere in proving triangles congruent when given overlapping triangles.

Big Idea

Students will color, highlight and mark-up diagrams to uncover congruent triangles and prove the triangles are congruent.

Do Now

10 minutes

This Do Now is a review of topics learned earlier in the unit and requires students to use vertical angles, isosceles triangle properties and sum of angles in a triangle.  This is a great question to ask students to lead the discussion/review on - then the entire class can determine if they agree with each students' explanation or if they utilized a different strategy to find x (MP 3).

Challenge Practice/Homework

40 minutes

After reviewing with students how to identify which pair of congruent triangles that we are trying to prove are congruent, we can let students work on these practice Challenge problems. The goal of these proofs is to ask students to persevere in proving more complicated triangle congruence proofs (MP 1).  You can scaffold this lesson by asking students to focus on just one or two proofs and then reviewing these with the whole class.

This lesson works best when students present and explain the proof process (MP 3).  Students also have the choice to write these proofs as flow proofs, if prefered. 

Exit Ticket

10 minutes

This formative Exit Ticket helps you to determine if students are able to recognize congruent triangles in overlapping triangle diagrams.  This would be a good Exit Ticket to print and collect so that you can see if students are using visualize strategies (i.e. colors and shading) to identify triangles that are congruent. 

Triangle Proof Project

20 minutes

Depending on how you structure this lesson, you may want to begin some of the student presentations for the Triangle Video Proof Project. If time does not allow, then all students should be prepared to present the next day!