Skew Lines and their Friends

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SWBAT identify skew, perpendicular, transversal and parallel lines as well as alternate interior, alternate exterior, corresponding and consecutive interior angles.

Big Idea

Students will draw and create images of angles formed by 2 lines cut by a transversal.

Do Now

10 minutes

Students will use vocabularly like linear pair and supplementary angles to solve a review question.  This helps to reinforce these key terms, and remind students of possible angle relationships that can be formed using lines.

Pair-Share and New Vocab

20 minutes

The pair-share activity allows students to identify key angle properties in the real-world (MP4).  The thinking question will also encourage students to think similarities and differences between intersecting lines (the clip art picture) and skew lines (the street signs). 

A possible extension for this lesson is to introduce manipulatives like a kleenex box and pencils, and ask students to create skew lines using these materials, and also, create other examples of lines and planes using these manipulatives.  This would be a great activity for all students, if you have time!

You can review the idea of parallel lines and planes with the 3D pictures. Then, you can introduce the idea of skew lines and how to identify them and using this video

The video can be paused so you can ask students to identify lines that are parallel, perpendicular, intersecting and skew (black and white lines) by their color. Students can then write their own definition (or drawing) of skew lines.  Lastly, the key term transversal will be introduced before going to an exploration.  Some students may know this word from prior math classes so you may want to remove the word transversal from class notes and ask students to guess or explain what a good term for this kind of line would be.

Exploration and Angle Pair Vocabulary (MP#7)

30 minutes


10 minutes

For the remainder of class, students can work on the lesson activity or if no time remains complete this assignment for homework. 

Exit Ticket

10 minutes

This exit ticket addresses the objective for the day, and requires that students identify alternate interior, alternate exterior, consecutive interior and corresponding angles.