As The Crow Flies: Student Worksheet - Section 2: Active Engagement

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  As The Crow Flies: Student Worksheet
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As the Crow Flies: A Bird's Eye View of Measurement

Unit 17: Volcanoes (Data Collection, Graphs, Addition & Subtraction)
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Objective: Students will explore the value of kilometers and meters as units of measure in a scientific context (volcano size and distance from towns. They will use their understanding of place value to round measurements to the hundredths place to the nearest whole. Students will develop and express opinions on which units of measure they prefer in which contexts.

Big Idea: High-interest content can be used to practice basic skills, such as measuring distances and evaluating proximity.

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Math, Numbers and Operations, Measurement, first week of school 4th grade, first week of school 5th grade, Google Earth and Math
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