Day 1 Introduction and Pre-Assessment. Knowing is Everything!

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SWBAT use key vocabulary words successfully in exploring mathematical concepts in the domain of number sense.

Big Idea

Students acquire fluency with math vocabulary by creating resources, engaging with peers, playing games, and participating in a wide area of mathematical practices in the classroom.


5 minutes

Opener: Discussion of new unit– Please refer to my video over the importance ofVocabulary lessons in the classroom.

As students enter the room, they will sit in their designated seats.  Take a few moments to discuss the upcoming standards that will be a part of the number sense unit.  When I have quick discussions with my students about expectations, and upcoming new standards, I like to tell them what they will be able to do once the unit or lesson has concluded.  I use statements such as:

“You will be a master at finding the sum of rational numbers using a horizontal number line, in the next few days.” 

I love to empower my students through enthusiasm and affirmation. The discussion will be no more than 5 minutes. 

The opening of every new unit will be a content area vocabulary mini unit. This is a 5 day mini unit that will infuse itself throughout the unit.  You will find that the resources that the students create during this mini unit will truly help students implement the mathematical practices in their everyday learning. Content area vocabulary has been a focus in our building for three years and the data proves that this is a crucial area of focus for students to deepen their understanding. 


40 minutes

Pre-Assessment Students will take the PRE-ASSESSMENT individually.  This assessment will lend itself to MP1. The pre-assessment will take the entire period.  Collect the pre-assessment as you would collect exit tickets.  Give the students an entire period to complete the assessment.  Once the bell rings, stand at the doorway and collect each assessment as each student leaves the room. 

The turnaround time for you to grade the pre assessment is one day for this 5 day mini unit to remain under 5 days, and be effective toward learning.  Day two of the mini unit will strongly depend upon the graded pre assessment.