Discovering Trig Identities (Day 4 of 4)

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Students will be able to visualize and interpret the trigonometric identities with a focus today on the pythagorean identities.

Big Idea

Students use TI-Nspire calculators to develop their own understandings of what trigonometric identities are and why they work.

Accessing Prior Knowledge

10 minutes
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30 minutes


10 minutes

As a closure to today’s lesson have students complete the fourth page in their trig identities book with the Pythagorean identities. I ran this similar to yesterday’s lesson. I just facilitated a whole class discussion of the findings by having students raise their hands to share their answers. Then I clearly wrote out the Pythagorean identities on the board to ensure all students are copying them correctly (MP6). I personally chose to only have my students list the three standard identities and then I will expect them to be able to manipulate these to obtain the other variations of these (MP7). I know some resources list all the identities solved for each term, but I think the students should be able to do that.

Finally, I had students attempt the last question on the Flipchart (MP1). As in previous lessons this week, this task previews upcoming work. I plan to go over all of these preview questions from the week in tomorrow’s lesson as an introduction to solving basic trig identities.